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Input: Pictureface (2008)

February 23, 2011



01. Pictureface
02. Life and Death (featuring Joanna Rubio)
03. Wheels In Motion
04. Out Of Tune
05. Damn It Feels Good To Be Input
06. Diamonds On The Inside
07. Dead Weight
08. Old Fashioned
09. Mr. Bad Guy (featuring Reason the Citizen)
10. Metal On Metal
11. I Dreamed Of A Place
12. Open Sea
13. Walking In Circles
14. Stormy Weather
15. Exhausted Patience
16. Dial Tones (featuring Satyr and Grounded 1)

Gustavo D’Arthenay, a.k.a. Input, grew up in Denver, Colorado as the youngest son to hardworking Venezuelan immigrants. While still a student in high school, Input became enamored with Hip-Hop culture and began cultivating his unique blend of rhythm based music and pointed lyrics. Drawing inspiration from his life experiences, Input released his debut album “Elusive Candor” in 2006 while attending the University of Colorado Denver. Input’s sophomore effort “A Radio With Guts,” released in 2007, showcased his growth as an artist and won him a loyal following among fans of the local hip-hop scene.
-Last.FM profile

Pictureface is an amazing album from start to finish.  It was in my top 5 of 2008 and is still very highly-regarded by Coloradoan hip hop heads.  If you haven’t heard of this cat before, you should stop sleeping and grab this album.  The production on here is incredibly varied and helps to accentuate Input’s ability to switch up his style.  Each track has a freshness that goes well with a blunt and a beer or when you’re in your car riding around town.



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