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Moka Only: Airport Four

November 12, 2010


01 Airport Dream Theme
02 On A Roll
03 How Do You Feel Today
04 Glazed featuring Mr. Brady
05 Museumcees
06 Morning Arrival
07 Ways
08 Shivers
09 Diggy
10 Let You Know featuring Psy
11 Sweet Action
12 Blue Blazes
13 Always A New Day
14 Ylfm
15 Flying Fish
16 FSG featuring Shad
17 Glorious
18 Neva Stop featuring Mr. Brady

frich: I first heard of Moka Only through his work with Dilla, Aceyalone, and Swollen Members. I’ve always really enjoyed his relaxed flow and his wordplay. Everything about the dude’s style is great and only gets better with time. Furthermore, he’s released over 40 albums in a pretty short time, and in my opinion, I haven’t heard a track that has completely flopped.

I had kind of thought the Airport series was done after 3, but I can’t stop listening to Airport Four. This album is in my top 10 (maybe top 5) of 2010. The beats are all fresh and relatively minimalistic so his flow is what captures and keeps the listener’s attention.

Definitely check this album out if you dig that mellow Canadian west coast hip hop style. And check it out even if you don’t. You may be surprised.

Stand-out tracks: On A Roll, FSG featuring Shad


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  1. Lozo permalink*
    November 14, 2010 10:13 am

    i have his album vermillion…good looks frich

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