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Sandpeople: Points of View

November 11, 2010

Sandpeople was formed roughly three-and-a-half years ago as an unlikely gathering of hip-hop artists in the Pacific Northwest. This crew has since built itself into a well-respected underground 12 member unit fully equipped to fill a stage and empty a keg (preferably in reverse order). Within the first two months, and long before most Sandpeeps had even met each other, their debut album Points of View was recorded and released over a two week span.

Here we have the first Sandpeople album featuring Al-one, Ethic, iame, 1770-8, Jon the Baptist, $imple, Pres, Gold, Sapient, and DJ Delay. Beats made by EarthFireMusic, Aware Productions and Ohmega Watts. 19 tracks of freshness.


01 In the Beginning
02 Sight & Sound
03 Put a Sock In It
04 Papier Oshin
05 Land of the Free
06 Masquerade
07 Desert
08 Saltine Cantina
09 Torrential Thought
10 Earth 2 O
11 You Ain’t Right?
12 Dear Diary
13 Semaphore
14 Free Dirt
15 Confession
16 The Abyss
17 Anguish
18 Utility Belt
19 Resolution

320 kbps MP3 (FhG)

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  1. Haris permalink
    January 10, 2011 1:07 am

    Awesome, a little bit of a background story. Can’t find anything about the origin/forming of the Sandpeople 😦

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