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Dead Prez & DJ Green Lantern – Pulse Of The People (Turn Off The Radio Vol. 3) [2009]

June 20, 2009

01. WRBG 0:11
02. Runnin’ Wild 4:28
03. Don’t Hate My Grind (Feat. Bun B) 4:54
04. Warpath (Feat. Ratfink) 3:39
05. Gangsta, Gangster (Feat. Styles P) 4:01
06. Afrika Hot! 3:22
07. NYPD (Feat. Johnny Polygon) 3:11
08. Summer Time 3:54
09. Refuse To Lose (Feat. Chuck D & Avery Storm) 3:32
10. Life Goes On 4:13
11. Helpful 2:26
12. Pulse 0:49
13. $timulus Plan 4:58
14. My Dirty Valentine 3:28

apawllo: Dead Prez back with the Volume 3 of their Turn Off The Radio Mixtape Series, teaming up with DJ Green Lantern for the first time. Featured on the tape are such political commentaries as the lead single “Stimulus Plan,” “Refuse To Lose” featuring Chuck D, and possibly the best track from the album “Don’t Hate On My Grind” featuring Bun B where Stic.Man proclaims “Another day of repression, they call it recession, it’s media misdirection….It’s a cold world but I’m a grown man and a grown man need power in his own hands, ain’t no sittin’ ’round waitin’ complainin’ unless you in love with the plantation.” The mixtape also includes “Summer Time” and “Helpful” which show Dead Prez’s lighter side. All in all, a complete mixtape. Easy to listen to front to back, especially since Green Lantern doesn’t take it upon himself to shout his name every 15 seconds.


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  1. Spit-Kush permalink
    November 3, 2012 8:30 pm

    Clicked download, and the FBI warning came up. It was originally free to begin with. Fuck the system.

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