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Giant Panda – Electric Laser [2008]

July 19, 2008

Giant Panda - Electric Laser

1. Laser Beam (Scotty’sTheme)
2. Justin Case
3. Ready To Fly
4. Speakers Pop
5. AIM
6. Laser Ray
7. Precise Calculator
8. Same Old $#!+
9. CinemaX
10. Pops
11. Do The Robot In Cyberspace
12. Speakers Funk

apawllo: Coming off the major word-of-mouth success of their last album Fly School Reunion, People Under the Stairs proteges Newman (Alex Newman), Maanumental (Jamaan Mclaren), and Chikaramanga (Chikara Kurahashi) return for the forward thinking Electric Laser! Upping the ante a bit, the production takes on a new life for this sophomore effort, utilizing more current methods while still paying tribute to their jazzy throw back hip hop sound. And on an interesting note, and an increasingly growing trend, the group has recorded the album on analog tape for a warmer, more full-bodied, sound.


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